IK4-Tekniker is a non profit research organization located in the Basque Country (North of Spain) founded in 1981 with nearly 250 employees. It has traditionally been a recognized centre in the field of Manufacturing Technologies applied in several sectors. However, IK4-Tekniker’s expertise covers a wide range of technologies that provide its services to many different sectors (automotive sector, machine-tool and accessories, aeronautics and other space applications, petrochemicals, energy, assistive technologies, etc.) and to develop a great variety of products. In line with its mission, IK4-Tekniker is also involved in generating new business initiatives, which are usually technological and, often, as spin offs of the centre itself.

Within the FoFdation project, IK4-Tekniker is involved in the optimization of the sustainable manufacturing. For that purpose, an existing Manufacturing Execution System (IT system that manages manufacturing operations in factories) is extended to incorporate sustainability monitoring, control and analysis features. Sustainability approach in FoFdation has been focused on the three axes of the Triple Bottom Line, i.e. economic, environmental and social, with a special emphasis on energy efficiency.

IK4-Tekniker has coordinated and participated in many co-operation and collaboration projects under the successive framework programs for scientific and technological research of the European Commission as well as other European programmes. Currently IK4-Tekniker is participating in around 30 projects in the 7th FP. Some remarkable ones are: Power OM (FP7-2012NMP-ICT-FoF) Power consumption driven Reliability, Operation and Maintenance Optimisation, ROBOFOOT (FP7-ICT-2010-NMP-ICT-FoF) Smart robotics for high added value footwear industry.

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