GF Agie Charmilles

GF Agie Charmilles is the world leader manufacturer of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) devices and one of the main players in the domain of High Speed Milling machine manufacturing. The company covers the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales and services of devices covering vertically the development of all their components; electrical, electronics, mechanics, numeric control and automation solutions. The main EDM products are of two types, wire-EDM and Die-sinking EDM. The most important machining applications are the manufacturing of tools as punches, dies and moulds and production components for the markets of ICT, electric and electronic appliances, micro-electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical and general mechanics. GF Agie Charmilles has around 3,000 employees worldwide, mainly concentrated in Geneva, Losone, Nidau (Switzerland) and Beijing (China).

Within the FoFdation project GF Agie Charmilles develops smart modules for EDM machines which provide the numeric command with the possibilities of using all the information of the 3D model of the part directly for the optimisation of the machining process, by using advanced STEP NC standards and 3D visualisation, and recording pertinent process control signals for achieving a complete knowledge base to be used by higher level systems for the intelligent organisation of the work of a organisation having different types of machines, through the use of new communication channels and information pipelines.

The company is also involved in two other European projects, ADMAP GAS and IFACOM, aiming at the optimisation of the overall manufacturing process of aerospace components and the achievement of zero-defect machining by using new electronic hardware and sophisticated, online level sensors and actuators

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