Fidia SpA is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of integrated systems for the realization of complex shapes.  With 350 employees, Fidia is known as one of the few companies working in the three different technologies that allow for complete management of the splicing process, from post planning to the final product.  In particular Fidia produces and distributes numerical control devices for milling systems, high speed milling systems, and CAM software for the cutting of complex shapes.  The main markets that they operate in are automotive, aerospace and tyre moulds.

Being a CNC manufacturer, FIDIA will be in charge of the interfacing and interconnecting of the self-learning core with the real world, constituted by the conventional machine tool, equipped with sensors and tools according to the specifications coming from two of the work packages.  The CNC will have to be ready to implement the solutions and algorithms developed within the framework of the project, in order to put adaptive strategies and sustainability monitoring functions into action FIDIA will investigate innovative solutions for integrating, coordinating and managing process control information coming from different kinds of sensors.  FIDIA will also contribute to WP1 (Manufacturing information integrated architecture), WP2 (contribution to definition of information models), WP5 (Data collection for sustainability evaluation), and to WP7 (dissemination) and WP8 (demonstrations).

FIDIA is committed to developing solutions aiming at improving the NC and machine tools performances in several directions: Dynamics, Process Control, NC Architecture Consequently, FIDIA is or has been participating in several research consortia, bringing their experience and knowledge to the FoFdation project.

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