ARTIS is global leader in the areas of tool, process and machine condition monitoring and Adaptive Control.  They been developing, manufacturing and distributing various hardware and software components for these areas for 25 years.  ARTIS monitoring systems are designed to analyse, secure and optimize production processes with the aim of increasing productivity, ensuring quality and reducing costs.  Their engineers and application technicians have many years of interdisciplinary experience in all the important areas of processes in metal machining as well as NC, PLC, drives, bus systems, tools, clamping devices, machine structures, machine components, workpiece materials, additives, emulsions and cooling lubricants.

For the FoFdation project, ARTIS is involved in work package four: SMO, which stands for Smart Manufacturing Optimizer. In this work package, ARTIS brings in its full knowledge of manufacturing optimization, which is based on 15,000 installed monitoring devices CTM in manufacturing machines worldwide. In general, ARTIS SMO will do two simple things: monitoring automated machine behaviour in real-time and raising an action on deviations to continue production, but for the first time in close partnership with a CAM system, supported by work package leader Delcam. As this behaviour is normally out of sight deep inside the machine, ARTIS SMO will also take care to spread out the main decisions by use of the MIP, Manufacturing Information Pipeline. MIP is considered to bring important high quality and relevant shop-floor information to the management dashboard. 

ARTIS is involved in three other European Projects, FP7 COMET, FP7 PowerOM and Eurostars MatterHON (see

  • COMET project,, deals with increasing absolute accuracy of milling robots. ARTIS is involved in work package one, working on the kinematic and dynamic robot models, which will improve the toolpath generation.  

  • MatterHON project deals with increasing accuracy in the application field of gear honing. ARTIS is involved in work package two, working on a solution to measure the clamping behaviour, which will improve the workpiece quality.

  • PowerOM project, which began 1st August 2012, deals with power driven possibilities to increase machine reliability and maintenance. ARTIS, as work package five leader, will take care of combining control and sensor information to improve machine behaviour.

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